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Our 12 Commandments

These criteria have to be met

To be listed on our marketplace, a product needs to meet at least two of our citeria. 

Because keywords don't always say it all, we prepared an elaborated explanation for you about all our criteria. If that still leaves you with open questions please get in touch with us.

The whole product is made fully of recycled material or it can be fully recycled after its use. That way valuable raw materials can be saved and old materials can be reused.

Both options refer to the product itself and all its components as well as the packaging. Bio-degradable means that the product can be degrded into its components by microbes. This doesn't exclude some synthetics from fossile resources being part of the product. Compostable refers to garden compost as well as industrial composting regarding to compostable products as of EN 13432.

As free of plastic for us count all articles where neither the components nor the packaging contain any plastic.

Zero Waste is labelling all products that cause as little litter as possible or none at all and don't waste resources.

Products of this category save resources (raw materials or energy) during production. Possible ways are using renewable resources and renewable energy, reducing the water usage during production or intelligent product design and packaging that reduces material.

Regional products decrease the transport distance from producer to your doorstep and save carbon dioxide. Additionally producers and jobs in Germany and your area get secured.

These products are free from pollutants and don't get exposed to them during production.

Food and products are vegan if they are not made of animals or parts thereof. Also the production with living animals and animal products is excluded. Besides products like milk and milk produces, eggs, meat, fish and gelatine that also includes honey, bees wax, leather as well as wool and silk.

To match this criterion all raw materials have to be certified organic.

Long-living for us are all products that are made for a long use and life, e.g. because of their high-quality materials, production and timeless design as well as the product itself.

Cradle-to-cradle is referring to an approach to production that is aimed at a circular flow of materials. Based on mother nature there is no such thing as "garbage" but all products can be reused or recycled without harming people or planet. The cradle-to-cradle certified products are displayed separately.

The climate damage caused by production, use and disposal of a product are being minimised or avoided at all for these products. Leftover emissions can be compensated accordingly.